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Elplast Group is a premiere global supplier of zipper closures with production facilities in both Europe and the US what guarantees service delivery and minimum lead times. The progressive and innovative face is supported by the production of 4,9 billion feet of EL-ZIP® Press to Close Zippers in 2021 alone, which would not have been possible without our constant commitment to developing new solutions for our customers.

With over 40 years’ experience in plastic processing including both profile extrusion and injection molding, you can be confident in our ability to deliver one of the highest quality zipper products on the market today. We have class leading quality processes and levels of food hygiene.We are able to achieve such high levels due to having new and modern facilities in both Europe and the US. Our plants have airlocks, anti-microbial tiling, conveyer system to minimise product handling and our employees have regular health checks. You will not find a cleaner, more efficient and greener factory.


EL-ZIP® string closures are available in over 250 different types, widths from 3 to 50mm, weldable to many types of materials, including PE and PP. Our products are compatible with all packaging and bag making machines.

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The most sustainable stretch film

SPTek ECLIPSE™ Stretch Film is 100% recyclable and will completely bio-assimilate in marine, terrestrial and landfill environments within 6–24 months, leaving behind zero microplastics.The SPTek ECLIPSE™ Pouch delivers the quality and freshness that you expect from any premium barrier pouch. Unlike other multi-layer pouches on the market, the ECLIPSE™ Pouch is 100% recyclable and will […]

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Pet food industry

VAFO is a pet food company that maximizes its effords to run the business in a sustainable way. Brit Care Dog Crunchy Snack is a unique product, among other things, thanks to its use insect protein – guaranteeing excellent digestibility and low risk of allergies.The snacks are packed in 100% recyclable doypack bag produced from mono material film by and in cooperation with SN […]

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The product review

We are proud to announce that Elplast Europe and Elplast America made a review of all offered products for the world market in accordance to Commision Regulation 10/2011 with last update 1245/2020. The quality department, in consultation with the accredited laboratory, selected all the products necessary for testing and defined their scope. We are finalizing […]

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